About Me


A Therapist

I work with children, teenagers and adults to help them navigate the challenges of life by cultivating greater inner awareness, presence and compassion. My private practice is located at The Farmhouse at ArtisTree in the idyllic hills of South Pomfret, VT


An Artist

My artwork is focused on exploring and refining my love for oil painting, in which my subject matter varies from landscapes, to food and the natural world. My most recent work has largely been influenced through my commitment to a daily art practice, and my focus on working on capturing the landscape in plein air. 


A Teacher

I am most passionate about where art, psychotherapy and mindfulness intersect. As a result of my passion, I created and designed a practice called Artful Meditation, which combines guided visualizations, expressive arts and traditional meditation practices. I offer these practices for you to use at home, or you can attend on of my classes or retreats.